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Welcome to San Patricio County, Texas QuickLink

The Honorable Gracie Alaniz-Gonzales, County Clerk, is pleased to provide our constituents with this website to search index books, view and purchase document records. The purpose of this website is to better serve you, our customers, by using internet based technology and support. This website is designed to provide you with 24-hour internet based remote access to our records as an alternative to in-person courthouse access.
Special Notice: We are pleased to announce we are updating our eCommerce Credit Card Processor. This notice is only informational as you will NOT have to change any of your account settings or create a new account in order to use the updated service. Among other benefits, this new service offers a simplified card details form.

The record series referenced with this website range from San Patricio’s sovereignty through March 4th, 1983 and include Deeds and Oil & Gas and Commissiner Court Minutes Index Books.
Deeds From:       1848 To 1983
Oil and Gas Leases From: 1919 To 1983
Special Deeds From:   1910 To 1919
Official Public Records From:  1983 To 2001
Commissioners Court Minutes From: 1867 - 2010 (Please call my office to obtain copies from this record series)
The documents related to these indexes are available for search, view and purchase (except Commissioners Court Minutes), by clicking on the links within the index books. Records from January 1984 to the current date are recorded and available in the county's land records system.

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  • An "E-Mail Support" option, which will allow you to submit questions during, or outside of, normal business hours.

The purpose of this website is to better serve you, our customers, by using internet based technology and support. One of the goals of my Office is to continually improve public service through technology. This website represents one step in a plan to improve access to records and services via the internet.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as your County Clerk.

The Honorable Gracie Alaniz-Gonzales
San Patricio County, County Clerk