Welcome to Kofile Technologies’ QuickLink Application.

This application has been provided by Sutton County, Texas to allow internet based searching of their historical index books and associated documents.

The search tools on this site allow you to:

  • Search index books by: date range, party type (grantor/grantee) and name, to locate a document by its book volume and page number.
  • Once the index record has been located, the associated document can be viewed by clicking the index record link.
  • Alternatively, if you know the book type, volume and page numbers of the document you want to view, you can enter that information into the fields beneath the "Search for a Document" section of the website and press Search to view your document.

For detailed instructions on the use of this site and all its available features, please refer to the step-by-step user walkthrough; which can be reached from either of the Help Buttons on the search page, or from the link provided here: http://www.kofile.com/