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  • This website accommodates access to various recorded documents dating from 1845 through 1987. If you wish to research documents recorded after 1987 (through to the present day), you can do so, using Public Workstations in the Kleberg County Clerk's Office. Plans are being developed to make all records available via the internet!
  • In hand written index books the last (family) names are organized alphabetically. In these index books if the sections starting with common letters like R, S or T ran out of designated pages, those extra names would be added to other letter index pages spread throughout the book to accommodate. Additionally, some less common last name letters such as U & V or W & X would share pages. In electronic systems these are given their own entries. Therefore, where some Index Books have alpha characters mixed on the same page, Kofile has placed digital copies of these pages in both the original alpha location, as represented in the physical index books, and within the correct alpha letter of the electronic solution.
  • Images of documents are distorted until purchased, to prevent unauthorized copying. Purchased document images are clear, free of distortion and available to download and print.

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