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Welcome to Jim Hogg QuickLink

The Honorable Zonia G. Morales, County and District Clerk, is pleased to provide our customers with this website to electronically search index books. This website is designed to provide you with 24-hour internet based remote access to our index records as an alternative to in-person courthouse access.

Land Record Index Books supported on this site have a date range from 1913 to 1997. To purchase the land records associated with this site; please contact my office at (361) 527-4031.

For help using this site, please click on the icon in the top right corner of this page, to open the help and support page; which will provide you with three options:

  • A "Walkthrough" document, which has step by step instructions for using this site.
  • A "Live Chat" option, for immediate online support assistance during normal business hours.
  • An "E-Mail Support" option, which will allow you to submit questions during, or outside of, normal business hours.

The purpose of this website is to better serve you, our customers, by using internet based technology and support. One of the goals of my Office is to continually improve public service through technology. This website represents one step in a plan to improve access to records and services via the internet.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as your County and District Clerk.

Zonia G. Morales
Jim Hogg County, County and District Clerk